Hunter Chooks for Watering/Feeding Systems and local Red Gum Honey

Just like humans, poultry needs lots of fresh clean water every day. A happy chook will provide you with the most nutritional protein but its your job to make sure what they ingest by way of food and water is clean and fresh. Here at Hunter Chooks, we've developed total solutions in the most economical way for you to deliver cool clean water all day - every day. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg. And now we've introduced our range of local honey products. Click here to find out more
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All about Chooks, breeds and more

Learn which breed is good for you

There are so many different breeds in Australia, understanding which one to buy is up to you and depends on if you want eggs, meat or just something that looks pretty to show off with.  See the different breeds here

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Eggs, and more eggs, information for you

Which came first? we'll never know

What makes an egg, and how we can utilise this knowledge to either produce eggs or more about the structure and dynamics of what pops out of the hen.  Here's a page full of information about daily care, maintenance, cost of feed, how many chickens can you keep and much more.  Find out how

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Watering systems, what you need to know

Learn how, what to buy and how to use it

When it comes to watering systems, we at Hunter Chooks recon since we've been there and done that, and we've made the obvious mistakes, its given us the edge to show the beginner and seasoned professional just how important fresh water delivery is.  We've developed impressive modular systems just for you.  Find out how

More about Hunter Chooks

If you're serious about raising chooks for meat or eggs or just for show, you need to understand the absolute importance of correct application and deliverance of clean fresh water and how to provide food in such a way to minimise waste  



Time to try our pure Hunter Honey,  Pure as nature intended, nothing added, nothing taken away

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Ever wanted to know what type of chook is good for you?

Do you want eggs? how about Isa Brown for consistency, Leghorns for the pure white egg, Aracuana for the blue egg. The big bold Australorp an eggcellent lady for quality and taste... but there are more, just click here to see the list
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Want to build a coop?

Here's a building plan I sourced on line some time ago, its simple to build.  However it did come off an American site so the measurements are in the historic feet and inches, Remember them?. Click this link...

Make your own feeder

Follow this simple plan sourcing items from your local hardware store, its as easy as... Helpful link...

Did you know? well find out more about everything at this page and if you want to start your journey, you can read this important page go here

The cheapest nesting box

As cheap as chips, yet possibly the most efficient nesting box ever. Helpful link...

Were to get 'em

We're building a list of places you can go to get chooks, feeders and more, If you want to list what you have, click. Helpful link...

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I've written this website making it easy for you to navigate through the web and gather other eggcellent information.

Here at Hunter Chooks, I aim to provide you, the backyard eggspert, with information relative to all things chook related. Stay with me on this, as this web is updated on a regular basis. Want to know more about coops, what type of perches are best, make your own nesting boxes so cheap?, Your egg journey starts here with much more information here

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