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Boxing Chooks For Auction

Did you know the correct way to box a chook?

Selling your chooks at auction needs some care in boxing them the correct way. Follow this advise and you'll increase the value of your sale item


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Over the recent years authorities and auctioneers have all been telling the same story, "box them correctly or they wont go into the auction"

And there's a number of reasons why you really should take care with the way in which you present your birds for auction sale, and here's some of them;

  • Firstly show some respect for your property.  Yes I understand they're a chook, but never the less, they still need some admiration as a living item
  • Second, understand  the comfort level of this bird as you probably boxed it yesterday or even before!, and it may be feeling some stress
  • And, you've put it into the auction to   a) get some cash,   b) you don't want it any more and  c) it's not doing its job

Having decided to sell your unwanted stock by putting it under the hammer (auction style) here are some key elements to presenting your livestock and first lets talk hens and roosters;

  • Number one and the most important, the box has to be big enough for the bird to stand up and turn around. Its no good trying to fob off your livestock at an auction with every chance it'll be rejected as a selling lot if in the opinion of the auctioneer the bird is under stress, and is possibly breaking some law in relation to cruelty to animals
  • One  bird one box, don't try to cram as many chooks as you can into one box. just remember that each bird represents a monitory value to you, so it makes sense that you optimise your earning potential with one box one chook
  • Make sure your livestock can be seen inside the box, cut the top off the box and even part of the front so all the visitors at the action can very clearly see your chook
  • Put wire netting, not string or the shelves of old refrigerators, covering the cut out
  • fasten the wire netting to the box with cable ties, try not to use string nor the metal clips normally used  in fixing fences to wire
  • With he piece you cut off the top, put it in the bottom of your box to create better  reinforcement and protection due to your chook fouling the box
  • Use some shredded paper or straw as bedding for the livestock, try not to use sawdust or shavings
  • Finally please make sure your livestock has some food
  • Don't try to sell your poultry by putting them in milk crates

With small birds and parrots, the same recommendations apply except they need to have a perch, food and water



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