Hunter Chooks Feeding Systems

Feeding systems can be as simple or extensive as you want

Hunter Chooks

In the heart of the Hunter Valley NSW the home of innovating poultry feeding systems, feeders and quality free range eggs.

We provide our own poultry feeding systems. Fresh food is an essential element for the health of your young ladies and gentlemen if you have them. Using dishes, bowls and other vessels and pans whilst provide them with food, they're often emptied with the chooks scratching the feed out of the container whilst they try to find the tasty morsels they want, jut like a child will search inside the shopping bag to find the lollies. Continuous food supply, as is the delivery of fresh water, an essential part of providing nourishment and thus providing the ultimate in protein, the egg.


Now about the food, its better to buy a commercial grade of food than try to mix your own. But please understand there's a difference between foods from suppliers, better think in terms of meat, or egg quality and quantity. Not all foods are the same and its wise to understand some manufacturers make their product as pet food, others as egg raising mash or similar. If your into the "Pretty Birds" and not interested in egg or meat production, you'll need to think about the difference in terms of pellets or mash.

Now what about the supplements,  Well grit is essential and if you don't free range your birds its advisable to supply some grit. Chooks don't have teeth as you know, but they do need something in their gullet to help them break down and digest the food more easily.  If they free range, they normally find their own grit while foraging.  Otherwise its a good idea to either put the grit in their feed, or supply or separately. 

Now a word about Calcium in their diet. Egg shells are made out of Calcium and if your chooks don't get enough, the shells will be fragile and or broken. Worse still could possible get stuck inside the chicken. The best way to provide Calcium is by crushing their own eggs after you have cooked them (yummm) and add it to your feeder.