Watering Systems

An introduction to Hunter Chooks and watering Systems

Hunter Chooks

In the heart of the Hunter Valley NSW, the home of innovating poultry watering systems, poultry feeders, and quality free range eggs. And a host of information to guide you through your journey

We specialise in poultry watering systems. Clear clean water is an essential element for the health of your feathered friends. Using dishes, commercial watering vessels and pans such as the bell drinkers, whilst provide them with water, must be cleaned daily, yes daily! the build up of mold and green algae is accelerated by the volume of dirt and other contaminants injected into the water by the chooks, such as dirt, droppings and other noxious waste. 


Chooks need about 250 ml of water each every day, yes that's a lot but remember that's all they drink. They need water that's clean, cool and free from any noxious waste. 

If you use a bowl, chances are they'll poo in it, stand in it and eventually tip it over. and if you're not watchful your chooks could go without their refreshment for whatever time is left in the day or night.  If you use one of those bell type waterer, they'll quickly fill it with whatever is around the drinker, such as dirt or any other substrate the drinker is sitting on.  Not good Jan! 

Here at Hunter Chooks located in Nulkaba, we've developed some simple yet sophisticated in water delivery and at a very affordable price systems. Not all backyard breeders are the same and each has its own unique problem in relation to supplying water and feed. Sometimes it the size of coop, sometimes location in the yard.  Sooo, how did we look at this problem and how can we help you deliver a quality watering system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 

Firstly we looked the cost structure, we need it to be cheap, in fact cheaper than cheap.  Then we needed to find a way in which to supply a continuous supply of fresh water all day every day without tapping into the main water supply (sorry about the pun),  And we wanted to provide a system small enough or as big as you want enough to fit into either your exiting structure or proposed chook mansion.  And finally, it had to be quick to install without the heavy cost of plumbing. 

Our answer was simple, we supply our systems either bottom nipples, side nipples (the new technology), fixed cups, hanging cups suitable for the smaller bird such as bantams, all in one metre lengths with interconnectors so you can install just one with three drinkers of your choice, or join them together to make a chain as many metres long as you wish.

Now here's a neat trick, try adding some  raspberry juice into the water, but it must have at least 25% real juice. Pickfords have a real juice formula that is readily available in most supermarkets. Raspberries are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are great for chickens.

And another thing to do. Garlic, yes garlic is a great health benefit to poultry. It boosts their immune system, it protects against viruses, kills bad bacteria and re-balances their system.  It also helps in egg production for better quality eggs and finally deters red mite.  Now how much to give them, well as a guide 1 fresh clove crushed in each litre of water about twice a week